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Please Add Your Reflections!

My Dear THATCamp HBCU participants– Please feel free to add a reflection upon your THATCamp HBCU experience to this site, or, if you have added it to another blog or website, please feel free to share that link with the … Continue reading

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I’m so thrilled that we had such a productive day at THATCamp HBCU! There’s more to come tomorrow!  Please remember, if you have any new session ideas you would like to happen, please add them to the WIKI in the … Continue reading

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Please, please, please . . . if you have a session idea: propose it!  If you think you have a session idea, but aren’t sure:  propose it! This is an (un)conference!  If we don’t have lots of session ideas, we … Continue reading

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Twitter Exchange

Please post your Twitter ID on our WIKI because the silly “comments” section on this blog won’t let us do it without eliminating the link. The Hashtag for the Conference:  #THATCamp #HBCU

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I’ve Added Some Things . . .

OK, I’m taking the ultimate THATCamp risk–trying something very new. I created two new areas for our THATCamp in order to help organize and take notes for this (un)conference. First, I made a “dashboard”–where you can access many of the … Continue reading

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THATCamp LAC Makes Glossary of Digital Humanities

I thought this might be a helpful guide for many of you who are new to the field! You can find this helpful document by clicking HERE.

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Dork Shorts

If you took a look at our schedule outline, you will see that, on the last day of the conference, during lunch, we are scheduled to do something called “dork shorts.” Dork Shorts is a THATCamp tradition which is loosely … Continue reading

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Apple iPad Workshops!!

Calling all iPad users . . . Andre Vlajk, Higher Education Account Manager in Technology Assessment, Planning, and Consulting for Apple will be presenting two workshops for THATCamp HBCU on Thursday, June 14th: 1) “Tips and Tricks on iPad” Demonstrates … Continue reading

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Please Post Your Proposals!!

OK, everyone!  It’s time to get posting!! THATCamp HBCU depends upon you to decide what we will be doing in our sessions. Do you want to discuss a theory?  Find common ground? Rant?  Rave? This is your chance!  You don’t … Continue reading

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