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I’m so thrilled that we had such a productive day at THATCamp HBCU! There’s more to come tomorrow!  Please remember, if you have any new session ideas you would like to happen, please add them to the WIKI in the … Continue reading

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Some Details Before the Conference

My dear THATCampers!  I just wanted to touch base and tell you that I can’t wait for all of us to meet! Wednesday from 4-6 p.m., I will be in the “Quiet Study Room” on the bottom floor of the … Continue reading

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IT’S NOT TOO LATE!  YOU CAN STILL COME TO THATCAMP HBCU!  CLICK ON THE “REGISTER” TAB ABOVE! We have 10 spots left! We are having the conference at an HBCU, but you don’t have to be HBCU affiliated to attend! … Continue reading

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Building Digital Bridges to Cross Cultural Divides

I am a part of a team of students, scholars, entrepreneurs, and volunteers who are building a digital library and genealogical/family history database for African Americans (Gullah-Geechee) in coastal Georgia and their “distant relatives” in Sierra Leone. The purpose of … Continue reading

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Please, please, please . . . if you have a session idea: propose it!  If you think you have a session idea, but aren’t sure:  propose it! This is an (un)conference!  If we don’t have lots of session ideas, we … Continue reading

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Editing Workshop

I think it would be a great idea to add a film editing workshop. If there isn’t already one.

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Khan Academy and Duolingo

For those who don’t know, Khan Academy is a website of over 3200 short videos on such topics as math (from basic all the way up to calculus), physics (from just a little above my head to way above my … Continue reading

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Twitter Exchange

Please post your Twitter ID on our WIKI because the silly “comments” section on this blog won’t let us do it without eliminating the link. The Hashtag for the Conference:  #THATCamp #HBCU

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I’ve Added Some Things . . .

OK, I’m taking the ultimate THATCamp risk–trying something very new. I created two new areas for our THATCamp in order to help organize and take notes for this (un)conference. First, I made a “dashboard”–where you can access many of the … Continue reading

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Session Proposal: Making It So that You Can Fake It

One of the challenges of operating in the digital humanities is a reliance on often unreliable campus infrastructures; let’s spend some time hacking digital humanities advances/innovations (especially for the classroom) such that the backups and alternatives are easy for students … Continue reading

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