Apple iPad Workshops!!

Calling all iPad users . . .

Andre Vlajk, Higher Education Account Manager in Technology Assessment, Planning, and Consulting for Apple will be presenting two workshops for THATCamp HBCU on Thursday, June 14th:

1) “Tips and Tricks on iPad”

Demonstrates some of the new features in iOS5 with a focuses on the educational relevance. The workshop is designed to show ways to more efficiently use your iPad. The seminar is designed to be sharing and interactive so bring a tip/workflow/app to share. The target audience is educational iPad users. Personal iPad Recommended

2) “Beyond Textbooks: Creating textbooks, distributing via new iTunes U, and access textbooks on the new iBooks”

Apple announced iBook Author, iTunes U app and iBooks 2 on January 19th, 2012.  See a demonstration to explore usage of these new tools.  See for an overview.  No iPad Required.

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