Janet Seiz

  • Assistant Professor
  • North Carolina A & T State University

As I mentioned above, I am an art historian with a strong interest in technology. In between art history jobs I worked for Apple Computer on two occasions--one in Illinois and the second in North Carolina and I have tried to stay as current as I can on technological developments for the arts and for art history. The advent of the "Digital Humanities" world couldn't be more fun. There is now a cool word that describes playing on a computer slinging visuals. On an NEH Summer Fellowship I conned the nice director of computing at St. Ambrose University in Iowa out of their new Powerbook 100 for the summer I was spending in Rome. It stopped working after one month--pre Apple Stores so I took it to a Papal Audience and had it blessed. It didn't fix it--but the President of the Catholic University seemed pleased he had the only blessed Mac laptop in the USA in 1992. :) Teaching at A & T has been great. The students are willing to experiment and venture into new areas of exploration. My dream is to create a Digital Humanities Center at North Carolina A & T--probably in my art history classroom in Dudley Hall for starters. This summer, as we ibook Author away--I hope to hit the publish button on our first book and thus christen the Dudley Digital Press. I have the recent photo of President Obama and Lt. Uhura telling us to live long and prosper on my office door. :)

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