Session Proposal: Making It So that You Can Fake It

One of the challenges of operating in the digital humanities is a reliance on often unreliable campus infrastructures; let’s spend some time hacking digital humanities advances/innovations (especially for the classroom) such that the backups and alternatives are easy for

  • students who don’t have computers at home,
  • classrooms without (or with intermittent) networking,
  • last minute chaos arising from incompatible technology, and
  • all the rest.
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Within the domain of science and literary studies my focus has been on post-cold war science drama, finding in the interventions playwrights have made by formalizing modernist physics an argument for the goodness of the universe. I also teach, spend far too much time with BBCAmerica, and have been unduly giddy about the launching of Geek and Sundry.

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  1. THATCampHBCU says:

    Thank you so much for suggesting this!  I think it is an essential part of what we do at an HBCU!  🙂

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