Melvinia King


Currently serve as assistant professor of leadership studies, director of the leadership studies minor program and interim executive director of the Leadership Center at Morehouse College. Currently working with several institutions in expanding the Leadership Center’s partnering opportunities globally for interdisciplinary scholars, mentoring opportunities, internship programs and researchers in the field of leadership and curriculum development. Also author and serves as an adjunct professor for the University of San Francisco.

Taught the following courses: Ethical Leadership-The Crisis of North/South Relations, Foundations of Leadership, Leadership and Civic Engagement, Ethical Leadership-The African American Moral Tradition, Small Group Dynamics, Ethical Leadership and Civic Engagement, and Intercultural Communication in a Global Context. Recently served as panelist for a webinar entitled Are We Penn State – Building a Self-correcting Culture; presented forum entitled Our National Debt; serves as a board member on the National Advisory Council of Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society; appointed scholar for the Kettering Foundation and serves as faculty liaison for the United Negro College Fund Social Entrepreneurship Program, the AACU Bringing Theory to Practice Initiative and is a member of Policy Working Group of the African Presidential Archives and Research Center, Boston University; serves as author, principal investigator and program director to numerous grants for the Leadership Center and Morehouse College.