Teah Moore

  • Assistant Professor
  • Fort Valley State University

I love people, meeting people, talking to people, and learning about people. I worked in social services for nearly 20 years viewing it as a ministry and not just a job. I enjoy telling people that I put myself out of a job in 2001. The social service agencies in Illinois, collaborated to cut the number of children in foster care in half. We achieved our goal finding permanency ( long term permanent living situations with families). As a trainer, I no longer had social workers to train. I miss the people, the families, and the learning. I continue to learn about people and the human condition through my students and clients. My latest interest has been about social connectedness through social supports (provisions). These help to stave off psychological distress. My second has been womanist perspectives. My father didn't embrace me when I told him I wanted to be a preacher. I eulogized my grandmother. While some have talked about the "evils" of technology, I see the advantages of connecting people of similar religions, schools of thoughts, and hobbies. Technology allows us to play and some of us overachievers don't always play enough. The wii has allowed me to ski without embarrassment or run and exercise without concern about what I am wearing. I re energize by being around people but as a moderate Extrovert, i sometimes have to have down time to regroup. I have never met a stranger and I think there's research in that. What creates people who will have a lengthy conversation with strangers?

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