Virtual Environments

I would like to see a session on how virtual environments can be used as educational tools in the classroom.

Van Dora

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Galaga - made it up to level 6. I am very interested in incorporating technology with the humanities in the journalism discipline. I have been pursuing collaboration opportunities with other universities and faculty members. I am in the process of writing a digital humanities proposal. I hope that attending this event will be very helpful with the types of technologies I can use in the classroom and any future projects.

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  1. THATCampHBCU says:


    We use Second Life in the High Tech version of the English class taught at CAU.


  2. I would love to hear more about the use of Second Life in the classroom Michelle.  is there a culminating final project in the virtual world at the end of the semester?

  3. THATCampHBCU says:

    The students research, write, and create a final project on WISE Island, a Second Life area owned by CAU WISE. 

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